Live Voice ,Video , Messaging and Data sharing capabilities into your Mobile and Web Apps.

Monitoring our health is just a click away

Online health consultation is rapidly gaining popularity these days. In looking to extend capabilities and patient interactions beyond traditional care settings, health care providers are developing integrated strategies for adopting telehealth technologies.

MED.LIVE is one such unique product whichmakes life easier for doctors and patients. It’s an advanced online medical consultation platform which integrates collaborative communication seamlessly, enabling efficient and more convenient models of healthcare delivery.

Create a unique experience for your patients by making it more convenient to use various health services by offering them a range of mechanisms and channels for interaction at times and in a manner that suits them. Enabling patients to consult with health professionals, even during office hours, at the location and time of their choosing with access to historical data for analysis and updates on the go.

Use Cases

  • Virtual OPD
  • Second Opinion
  • Inter Hospital Telemedicine
  • Home Care

MED.LIVE features:

  • Pre-visit and Post-treatment discussions/consultations withdigital payments
  • Digitally signed prescriptions
  • Appointment scheduler
  • EMR – Storage & manage of medical records
  • Option to record the sessions/data transfer
  • End to end encryption
  • Flexible to white label / co-branding

It is highly recommended for hospitals and clinics treating international patients. Also, this has been specially designed to help grow business by reducingclinical and administrative burden. It optimizes the gathering and sharing of information so that it can be used more effectively, thereby improving workflows, productivity, and performance. Enhancing brand image through digital platforms across a larger audience and specific target groups

This single, integrated telemedicine platform ensures care by providing facilities like rural access, ambulatory care, virtual OPD & Tele-psychiatry. Hosted on Trova, a real-time communication platform, MED.LIVE can be easily embedded into the website and mobile apps. So why wait? Start monitoring your health regularly as it’s all just a click away.Be healthy be wealthy!