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POPs W+ - Mobile Ordering APP

POPs W+ App is a waiter tool used to place orders through mobiles and tablets.

POPs Restaurant Management

Now you can Manage your POPs Restaurant “Middle East“ by using your mobile phone easily anywhere you are

POPs Restaurant Cloud

Now you can manage & monitor your Branches by using POPs Cloud System in the Back office departments with the ability to grant different permissions for each user

POPs Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS)

POPs Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows you to follow-up and monitor the status of the orders in your restaurant, wither its new, Changed, Delayed, Cancelled or Done orders, and a lot more features.

POPs Restaurant Queue Display System (QDS)

POPs Restaurant Queue Display System (QDS) help your customer and your staff to manage the ready orders and the waiting orders to get better serving time and to manage the crowded restaurants.


Customer can view the menu via their ordering system. They can place an order as soon as they are ready, and order additional items whenever and as often as they’d like

POPs Call Center Solutions

POPs Call Center is a powerful tool to control delivery orders for multi branches restaurants.